Smart Haptics with active materials

The SmartHaptics Project (completed)

In our everyday mobility, we humans mainly use optical and acoustic senses as additional information channels. Our vision aims to increase the use of print haptics in everyday mobile life.

Therefore, as part of the SmartHaptics project, our company is developing actuators for locking technology, novel clothing elements, and automotive components that communicate with humans via pressure stimuli.

Almost forgot your keys at home? An overtaking car behind the cyclist?

No longer a problem in the future, as the small haptic pressure actuators warn you intuitively. The pressure haptic warning is characterized by the following advantages:

  • The processing of haptic information is significantly faster than on acoustic and optical sensory paths.
  • Haptic information processing ages significantly slower than optical and auditory senses.
  • Haptic information processing cannot be ignored, regardless of the user’s concentration

We realize pressure haptic perception through shape memory actuators

In the Smart Haptics project, we are working on a vehicle seat that uses sensor coupling to scan the vehicle environment. According to the hazard detection, the driver is informed about a hazardous situation via pressure stimuli. Our SmartHaptics project on the car driver for additional physical feedback.

The “SmartHaptics” project is being carried out in our company as part of the KMU-innovativ funding program of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. More information about the project can be found here: BMBF - SMART-HAPTICS