The actuator "FG-FLEX"

The FG-FLEX actuator is a flexible linear actuator. It can generate forces of up to 80 N with stroke lengths of up to 25 mm. The FG-FLEX achieves this with a weight of less than 40g. It is also so flexible that it can be laid like an electrical cable. It is usually operated at voltages below 24 V. Like all our SMA actuators, it is equipped with an electromechanical overload protection.


Key data of the FG actuator: “FG-FLEX” (new)


  • Stroke max. 25mm
  • Available with and without preload
  • Max. Force ranges: 30N to 80N (Newton)
  • Max. Duty cycle: 90min.
  • Max. Life up to 250,000 cycles / movements
  • Temperature range: -20°C to + 70°C [If necessary also expandable]

Advantages of our SMA actuators:

What advantages does an SMA actuator offer:

  • noise-free operation
  • electromagnetic harmlessness (no magnetic fields, no permanent magnet)
  • very low weight and flat design
  • built-in overload protection
  • built-in overheating protection
  • high weather resistance (very wide operating range and high corrosion resistance)
  • emergency overload capability
  • few meachanic parts